Victorious tv tropes

victorious tv tropes
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Beck : It was a beach house party , what did you expect?! Sinjin : Sure, I'm not usually invited to the main people's houses. Tori: We'd have to get the top up on this car in case it rains again. Sikowitz can be heard moaning again Jade: about Sikowitz "He's not completely right in the head, but the man's a great acting teacher. Aluminium Christmas Trees : Sinjin's game show in "The Worst Couple" receives an in-universe Orwellian Retcon when he has to replace all the contestants with better-looking ones ie. Manipulative Bastard : Ryder Daniels, who uses love to manipulate girls into helping him get a good grade only to break their hearts when he's through using them.

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Jade's response: "I didn't need your help!

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It's Not Christmas Without You

Beck : to Jade I'm not happy with our relationship! Other plots come from character interaction outside school walls, providing plenty of fuel for Shipping. You need to login to do this. The show's cancellation was confirmed in August , while the 3rd season was still airing until its last episode on February

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