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I cut some of them to remove background noises and to split them up. Custom Edit Rule: "If the user has to use, say, seamless tiling, or smudge the edges to make it tile correctly, I'll allow that also. If an artist notices, gets miffed, and wants me to stop using their images, I will. Follow the normal rules: Spell words right and punctuate correctly. However a game can also apply filters, move images above others, cut off parts of images etc.

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And put at least some thought into making sure the card is priced according to it's power level. Beyond that, I'm running with the "tis better to ask forgiveness than permission" policy, because making images on my own means there would be no game. It must be in Arial, 8pt, well readable color and fully visible. All artwork is copyrighted their respective owner unless stated otherwise.

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