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Or find us on social media! But no matter what period we talk about, women who are investigated regarding eligibility regulations almost always undergo a physical exam and a genital exam. That's not for, there's no physical reason why women are blocked from the Tour de France. And based on the kind of suspicion based testing and targeting of women, was singled out for testing. And one of the things that's really interesting, women aren't allowed to compete in the Tour de France. Katrina: So this is where we come back to where we started the podcast, which is that women are undergoing physical exams, once they've been targeted for investigation, and most especially genital exams.

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And for that reason in order to level the playing field we're going to require that you lower your testosterone.

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If so, what body parts do you think about? Changes in your environment can affect your hormones, and how you feel at different at different points of your cycle. Katrina: Well, there's been almost no research on estrogen and the reason for that is, it has to do with sort of cultural ideologies and mythologies. She wears clothing that is not the skimpy clothing that a lot of her competitors wear.

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