Prometheus engineer fanfiction

prometheus engineer fanfiction
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His home planet was Anatak, a warm moon many orders of magnitude larger than Earth. It's grey skeletal design did nothing to enchance the believeability of his servile, childlike delight in everything he touched or saw. David sat cross-legged, watching their host as he programmed a huge meal from the synthesisers and devoured it like a starving man. There was nothing attached to it except a bit of bone and suit. Orders that Mr Weyland made quite clear. She scratched at his hands and drew black blood but he shoved her onto her back.

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prometheus engineer fanfiction

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What Is Prometheus

Why do you still find it so hard to trust me? Inactive code began to execute. She felt like a child in the hands of an angry God. He sat up suddenly and retched, cursed the life support module.

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