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nice comic meme
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I think I was first going for a sort of anime style but lol, that changed real quick. Your style may fluctuate, your characters may alter, but you'll always improve. Create meme "template meme what a nice girl I wonder what she You practice, you improve, and you get better. Also this drawing basically describes my common problem I have I always draw heads too big. Remember, there will be times where for some reason you feel like your art is going backwards, but compared to when you first started, you've improved. Though I should really change them up a little from character to character Style took a huge 90 degree swing to the right and suddenly I get this which dooms me to my fate as a cartoon artist forever.

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Brianna. Age: 23.
nice comic meme

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Dahlia. Age: 32.
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Refuses to "settle" for a less expects women to settle for him Complains that women only likesacrifices his desires to please assholes, but only thinks of women in terms of sex. XD Miraculously overnight, my shading got better just like that. Nice girl hormone supplements Nice girl bike! First page of my comic series, basically marked the birth of the usual face shape that I still use today.

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