Girl wedgie cartoons

girl wedgie cartoons
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In Coming Up Violet , Violet gives Darrin a wedgie, ushering in a frenzy of girls giving boys wedgies, with Violet being declared the "Wedgie Messiah". In a commercial advertising the Sega Sports Pack, a football player gets a wedgie from a player from the rival team. Pacman, only for her to realize she's nude, leading Ms. The opening narration of Trolls features one Bergen giving another one a wedgie. In RV , a bully attempts to give Carl a wedgie.

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Caylee. Age: 26.
girl wedgie cartoons

Time Squad : In the episode "Dishonest Abe", Abraham Lincoln, tired of being "Honest Abe" decides to play pranks on people, including giving two citizens atomic wedgies.

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Daisy. Age: 31.
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Animated Girl Wedgie GIFs

In Cobra Kai , Aisha delivers a painful Melvin to Yasmine that ends up going viral on social media after putting up with so much of her bullying. She later gives one to Savannah as revenge. In the short skit, "The Usual Wedgie", a kid gets a wedgie from a bully, only to sigh in acceptance. The bullies in the film also ends with the local bully, Brock, and his lackies hanging by their underwear from a tree.

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