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John Waters has always tested his audiences' tolerance for bad taste. While its complex plot harkens to the old-fashioned films of the genre, Body Heat ups the ante with hot and heavy love scenes that would've made Barbara Stanwyck blush. A wealthy business man named John Gray seduces a young gallery assistant, Elizabeth. But it's a Lars Von Trier movie, and thus potentially less sexy than you think. Lawrence Kasden might very well have directed the last great American noir film with this '80s Double Indemnity of sorts featuring William Hurt as a pretty dim lawyer and Kathleen Turner as the requisite femme fatale.

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Director Catherine Breillat has been labeled a "porno auteuriste;" the term is most applicable with her drama in which a French teacher, frustrated with her boyfriend's disregard for intimacy and affection, searches elsewhere to fulfill her insatiable desires.

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Taboo 3 (1986)

What's more sleazy than an erotic film, one that pushes the boundaries of desire and sexual taboos? Amazon iTunes Coinciding with the pop performer's Erotica phase, Body of Evidence stars Madonna as a woman who is charged with the murder of her lover—who died from erotic asphyxiation. A Englishman named Matt and an American woman named Lisa form a relationship based on two common interests: seeing rock shows and fucking. Meg Ryan sheds her America's Sweetheart status for this psychological thriller from Oscar-winning writer-director Jane Campion.

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