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Within each state, soybean fields were located within landscapes which ranged from agriculturally-dominated to diverse landscapes containing both agricultural and semi-natural habitats. Within 3 h, three of four C. In recent decades declines in several native coccinellids have been documented in the U. We selected Colelomegilla maculata as a model to measure the amount of egg predation experienced by native coccinellids in the agricultural landscape. Abstract Coccinellid communities across North America have experienced significant changes in recent decades, with declines in several native species reported.

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Diversity and Distributions —

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This species is a common native coccinellid throughout the Eastern U. As the abundance of extraguild prey may affect the intensity of egg predation, we also measured soybean aphid populations within each field site using destructive plant counts. Indeed, many of these potential predators are inherently less mobile or have edge-oriented behaviors which may focus their abundance and impacts along edges.

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