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Tim Schraeder, an openly gay Christian and the co-founder of Church Clarity, said his organization chose megachurches churches for this new report, because, "We know people look to these churches for influence. In order to identify which churches to include in the report, Schraeder said his organization turned to Outreach Magazine's popular annual list of America's largest churches. Most of the churches are nondenominational Evangelical, but all of them have more than 5, weekly attendees, with the largest, Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama, having more than 40,

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Pope Benedict XVI has made another controversial appointment by elevating to the position of bishop an Austrian pastor who said Hurricane Katrina was God's punishment for homosexuality in New Orleans. The Vatican yesterday announced that Gerhard Wagner has been appointed as auxiliary bishop in Linz, Austria. Wagner has served as the pastor of a church in the Austrian town of Windischgarsten sinceand received a doctorate in theology from the Gregorian Pontifical University in Rome.

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When a major disaster happens, does every out-of-left-field crazy fringe preacher race to become the first to blame LGBT people? This timethe "winner" was chaplain John McTernan pictured abovethe founder of Defend and Proclaim the Faith ministries. Hurricane Sandy has caused dozens of deaths and billions of dollars in damage, but McTernan used the then-pending hurricane to remind followers that the massive storm is just another bit of evidence that America is going to pot.

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CTD and acoustic Doppler current profiler data are analyzed for the response of the upper ocean to rapidly moving Hurricane Gay. Currents were observed within about two days of the hurricane passage and were dominated by a blue-shifted inertial oscillation confined largely to the mixed layer. There was also an asymmetry of the mixed layer depth and temperature with deeper and cooler values to the right of the track. This suggests that shear flow instability played an important role in the vertical mixing that occurred within the mixed layer and upper thermocline.

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Last week ultra-right-wing rabbi Noson Leiter of Torah Jews for Decency referred to Hurricane Sandy as " divine justice " for the state of New York's legalization of marriage for same-sex couples. Leiter, referring to lower Manhattan as "one of the national centers of homosexuality," argued that "the Great Flood in the time of Noah was Others, most notably some conservative Christian leaders, have long held lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT people responsible for causing many of the greatest natural disasters of modern times.

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The Christian community and most other religions have regularly condemed the Gay lifestlye. Such lifestyles have been said to be immoral and attracting the judgement of God. An evangelical christian group, Repent America, says that God "destroyed" New Orleans in the recent Katrina hurricane because of Southern Decadene, the gay destival that was to have taken over the labor day weekend.

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Young Earth Creationist Ken Ham has slammed a newspaper's claims that he blamed the recent string of hurricanes that hit the United States on God's punishment for the nation embracing homosexuality. The article, however, does not provide links to what the evangelicals in question have allegedly said on the matter. Ham, who has been a vocal opponent of gay marriage, insists that he did not make such a connection.

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They brought this upon themselves! No Christian with a sizable following is blaming Texas for being too godless, too accepting of abortion, too tolerant of homosexuality, or too [insert everything else they whine about all the time]. Kimberly Winston of Religion News Service wants to know why that is.

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The Louisiana residence of an anti-gay pastor has been flooded less than a year after he called a hurricane a message from God. Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, referred to the flood hitting his state as being "of near biblical proportions" on the lobby group's podcast. InPerkins agreed with Pastor Jonathan Cahn's assessment that Hurricane Joaquin, which devastated parts of the Bahamas, was a sign of God's unhappiness over, among other things, abortions and the legalization of gay marriage.

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Despite overwhelming evidence that supports climate change as a factor in the devastating storm and subsequent flooding, a handful of evangelical leaders have ludicrously suggested the LGBT community are to blame. Minister Kevin Swanson, who holds notoriously homophobic views, said Houston had sinned by having a "very, very aggressively pro-homosexual mayor. His comments come just days after Christian radio personality Rick Wiles linked Houston's progressive attitudes with the storm.


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