Difference between retro and vintage

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In addition, these two words can be applied to other designed objects. Vintage clothing echoes the style that was popular during that extensive period. The word can refer to the pattern, style, and age of the said object or clothing.

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A very thin line marks the difference between retro and vintage, but often the two terms are intertwined. There are unique benefits to owning both types, so choosing between the two usually is at the discretion of each consumer. Retro clothing simply mean old patterns added to the new clothes.

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By calauctions posted February 17, As an auction house that serves both sellers wanting to liquidate their personal estates and buyers who are looking for deals at online estate sales, we want to do our best to help educate people on the different terms that we use in our item descriptions. Definitions of these terms are relatively universal, however, with some variations depending on the person you talk to.

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Or more accurately, a matter of definition which begs the question…. Any piece of furniture or decorative object made in a former period. Boffin definitions aside, just about any object can become an antique if it survives long enough.

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A lot of people are unaware of the differences between vintage and retro clothing, but if you want to impress your stylish friends at the next social event, why not learn the meanings of each word! They both have similarities, but there are important differences you should know. Vintage is used to describe items which were made in the s or later but not later than 20 years before the present year.

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But most of the time people get stuck with a retro style instead. The same goes in the eyeglass world, where most optical stores that stock their shelves with retro frames passing them off as vintage. What makes a pair of glasses really vintage as opposed to simply retro?

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June 21, We'll keep this just between you and me and that voice in your head. Many people use the terms "Retro" and "Vintage" interchangeably, so let's tackle these words first.

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As an avid Craigslist peruser, I see a lot, a LOT of items labeled incorrectly as either antique or vintage. It's kinda annoying y'all. So let's dive into some definitions and get. If the item can't be dated, it shouldn't be referred to as antique.

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Lots of people think that vintage is just a fancy, made up name for used, second hand clothes. However, the difference is great. Something like the difference between oldtimers and used cars.

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Is the item you're considering really "antique," "vintage," "collectible," "retro," or "classic? Delving further into what these terms actually mean can help you to buy and sell old items with more confidence. Buyers in the know understand that an antique is something quite specific, and not just "anything old. A seller who uses the term antique when an item is much too new for that designation should raise questions in your mind.


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